Information Illiteracy


Mixed Media on Foam Board & Audio

Information Illiteracy is a visual and audible representation of the “noise of information”. The project explores the topic of information literacy as pertaining to the context of the library. The library is a place where information is stored and collected yet it is pointless if this information is not used. One of the main barriers to accessibility of information is the feeling of being overwhelmed by a constant bombardment of information. The ability to navigate, utilise, and access information is required to form sense and meaning; an ability that is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. The work is intended to highlight this issue of informational literacy and to raise questions as to the accessibility of information.

Throughout the course of the audio, information regarding the origins of various images used in the collage will be detailed before cutting away.

Installation Shot

This project was temporarily installed in the Dorothy Hoover Library as a site specific artwork.

Using Format